Life as a #Mompreneur

It’s 5:00pm on Tuesday, and I’m just sitting down to write this blog post.. scheduled to go live tomorrow morning. I’ve known the topic for awhile and have general ideas stewing, but haven’t really had a minute until now to put it into words. And the only reason I have time now is because it’s Independence Day and my husband has off work, and is therefore on baby duty. Just a small dose of my new, time-crunched, life.

As many of you already know, our lives changed for the better in March of this year, when we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Lila, to the world. Coming in at 7lbs 13oz and 20 inches long, she was healthy, happy and perfect. Kevin and I had been ready to start our family and felt as prepared as we possibly could be. As soon as we got home we then obviously realized we weren’t, and went through many of the growing pains I’m sure all new parents go through – sleep deprivation, feeling helpless, and all that fun stuff. I still haven’t gotten more than five hours of sleep in a row, but compared to the 45 minutes she was allowing us at the beginning, it’s great!

Photo: Twig and Olive Photography

The most major hurdle for me however, has been re-finding my professional life now that I am also a mom. Going into this, we planned for me to hang with babe while I worked from home. I mean, she mostly just naps all day, right? Wrong. I learned pretty quickly that she not only requires all my attention, but also I want to give it to her. When I try to both work and take care of her at the same time, we all lose.

IMG_2832My “office”

So what’s a self-proclaimed #bosslady, newly minted #mompreneur, and woman who still wants some fraction of a life to do? Well, here’s the system I’ve worked out:

  • Babysitters two days a week
  • Grandma #1 babysits a day every other week
  • Grandma #2 is also willing to come to Madison when needed
  • An amazing group of friends in the area, who are extremely understanding about our newly adjusted “social” life (ie. lack thereof) and are also willing to help where we need them
  • Two trustworthy HUE associates, able to get things done
  • A part-time day job that is crazy flexible (thanks Dad!)
  • And most importantly, a husband who is by my side, does all of the insane things I ask him to do, and it doesn’t hurt that he also has a flexible work schedule

Now this isn’t the formula for everyone, and I can’t even guarantee you that this will work for us a month from now, but it’s what works now. And if there is anything I’ve learned in the last three months, you do what works until it works no more. Then you can worry about figuring out something else.

IMG_2848Teamwork makes the dream work

This post is not meant to be a complaint. I love my daughter with everything I have and wouldn’t trade my current life for anything that might have existed prior to her. No, the reason for this one is just to give you another open glimpse into my HUE journey. One exciting thing that has come from this is that I’ve cut back to part-time at my day job, which I’m viewing as the first step into making HUE my career. I didn’t know when that step would come and I’m nervous but thrilled that it finally has.

Well, two hours, one walk, one bedtime, and one beer later, I’ve finally finished writing this. Didn’t take as long as I thought actually, because another thing I’ve become quite good at these is time efficiency. So what do you all think? Any advice? What works for you other moms out there? Or even those of you that are just crazy busy? Lay it on me!



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