The Truth About Backyard Weddings

boho backyard wedding setup

You’ve said yes! Or popped the question! Or both! You and your betrothed have shared the news with everyone and already gotten way too much marriage advice. You’ve found the perfect wedding planner that just gets you (hint, hint) and the next decision to make is a big one – where is this all happening?

“That’s easy!” you say. “My parents have a big, beautiful yard and would be honored to host. We’ll just get a tent and do it there. It’s sure to save us a ton of money too!”

Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

A well done backyard wedding can be absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect unique venue that has both flexibility and sentiment. You have the opportunity to take photos among the apple orchard you used to climb around and many guests already know their way there. You don’t have to comply by any complicated venue rules and the party can last as long as you want. You also have the built in house itself, either used during the day or at least for emergencies.

Now the tough stuff. It’s a TON of work, a fair amount of stress, and probably won’t be much cheaper than a traditional venue.

backyard wedding setup with dance floor

Think of how you might clean your house to look nice for a simple dinner party. Now think of that effort multiplied by the fact that this is the biggest dinner party of your life. And you probably don’t actually want people coming in the house that much, so what you really want to look good is the yard. The acres and acres of yard. Are people going to go in that area or do this activity? They might! I want to give them the option! The amount of prep work to be done sometimes seems endless, and typically falls on the location host.

As far as cost goes, the rentals that need to be brought in usually add up to roughly the cost of an average venue. These can include but not be limited to – tent, tables, chairs, restrooms, heaters, fans, and flooring. If you think about it, to plan for weather and keep guests comfortable you essentially need build your own DIY venue.

And don’t forget the logistics. We’re talking about where the ice for the bar comes from, how to prevent bugs, getting rid of guests when you’re tired, and how to avoid neighbor noise complaints. These are all things a venue would have covered, but without experience or a manager can sometimes be easily forgotten.

A backyard wedding can be exactly the right fit for you, and please don’t let us talk you out of it. Just consider everything that goes into it as you are making your decision, and don’t hesitate to ask for all the help you need. Happy planning!