Introducing HUE Core Values

Did you know that we’ve been in business for nearly FIVE years? Five years of working with clients, partnering with vendors, developing visions, and ultimately making major decisions about who we are as a business. It’s taken pretty much that entire time to figure things out, but we’re proud today of who we are and what we stand for. It’s about time we shared it all with you!

After some workshopping late last year, we are excited to introduce our list of Core Values for Harmonious Union Events. Core Values are meant to be the fundamental beliefs of a businesses, and to create an unwavering guide to determine if we are on the right path in all decisions made. It is our hope that everyone reading this will be able to go through each statement below and say “Oh yes, this is completely them”.   

HUE Core Values

We are partners, moms, daughters, friends, and business women. We work together, celebrate together, and look out for one another every day, to make sure each team member is reaching her dreams, both personally and professionally.

We are continually present in our community and industry, educating ourselves and building our network. Vendors are just as excited to work with us as clients are, and we always have the latest scoop.

We are commonly the most personal vendor relationship a client will have when planning their event. We tailor our approach to exactly what the client needs both in pace and communication style. We are honest but kind, and make everyone’s life easier.

Every problem comes with solutions and every set of logistics has a battle plan. We turn fuzzy pieces of a vision into a well-executed event in just a matter of time, no matter where you are at in your process.

Each event is a new event. We have a wide variety of experience, a diverse portfolio of clients, and will work with any budget. We’re always up for learning new traditions, cultures, or styles. Bring us anything!

Okay, those are it! What do you think?

It’s very scary to put these out there for the world to see. They’re personal and make us feel like we’re just opening a door to be constantly judged against them. But that is the point right? We strongly believe in everything listed above, and in officially adopting them, we not only need to hold ourselves accountable to them but let others do so as well. 

So look out world, here we come!

Featured Photo: Paul F. Gero Photography